Titty Sprinkles!


San Francisco


My couch

I dunno

Where the

dribble happens

Love this picture of 
Elvis Costello
My first time at the Ice House

That day we met Frank


I miss my friend Terry

That night we met some Brit Chick

Trixie the Whore


Maya Angelou

Liz Phair is extraordinary


Chaplin and Dexter

Monterey Bay


Me. In a Frank tee. At Asilomar.

Still the best Christmas Card I've ever received

Carla Fucking Gugina

This girl married me. 

That's my dick






At the Copa...

You're welcome, Ladies

Dad and Ricky

Funniest movie in a decade

Rudy's dream car

If you think it means anything else, you're fucking wrong

I miss you, Terry

Wet Dexter


Maddie was a fucking badass

I did it for Maddie.

The Dude

SYTYCD is kinda hot

I miss my friend, Kevin

Three of the five on my list are Shirley Manson

The day we brought her home

The other two are Hepburn


Why do bad things happen?


This one was for Terry. And a little for me. 

Frankenstein is my second favorite book ever. 

My wife can kick your husband's ass


Dribble Desk

Dexter loves Brandon

Her desk. Which she never uses. Ever.

'sup bird in my backyard

David Thorne email

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

TGB and Ma and Pa Hodge


Dexter loved Terry

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk


Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

I wrote it down to not forget to include it in something else

Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

Let's get you married


Buddy tattoo


My Hero... looks like a dork


Dribble Office

This is my favorite picture of TGB

Lucy Liu


Talented friends + Amazing Wife = Awesome office

Da doi!

Love this song!

Lucy Liu

Old layout

Dribble Desk

Fuck this fish

Dropkick Murphy

I love this fucker


That ball does not go there

Los Doyers!

Bixby Bridge

'sup bird?


One of the last of us all together

Smell it!

My niece

Ohio, Ohio, Brit

The Brit

My favorite person marrying the man she loves

Union Station with the Brit

Downtown LA with the Brit


Dribble Desk

Dribble Desk

Why is Jason wearing a condom tip on his head?

Christmas at Chez Martinez

Because you might need it or know someone who does

This is the moment I fell in love

That one time...


That face

This man is a fucking rock star

My nephew is cooler than yours


Such an angel

I had to fix this

Flat Stanley loves Skinny Lister!

Pa Hodge

My hero

Lucy Liu

This was a fun night in Foxboro


Being gorgeous is exhausting

Me and my favorite actor


This moment right here 
Outside the Comedy Store

Amanda Fucking Riley

Mmmm Jake

Will Varley on a boat

That one time I was on an island with some English blokes

And this right here is part of the reason I now have an iPhone

Get a room

The end.

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