So much dumbfuckery

My wife has the patience of Job.

Except, she's real.

Watching douche canoe little boys condescend to her - a 26 year veteran, an Arabic linguist, an intelligence officer - and seeing her handle them with patience, sifting through their dumbfuckery to make an honest effort to see their point and engage... dude, my wife is a fucking saint.


I would tell them all I hope they die in WWIII and then smile if they actually did.

That's not nice, Rudy.

Well, that's because I am not always a nice person. And, also, my hoping for a thing in no way manifests said thing so, fuck off.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, Donald Trump is a fucking idiot who came up with a short sighted solution to a problem he fucking created.

Well, at least the oil fields will be well protected.


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