January 2, Two Thousand and Twenty

I have to learn my MAC and PC all over again. I Know that's weird to say, but it is true. With each of them being mostly locked up for the better part of a year a lot has changed.

I used to have iTunes for crying out loud.

After waiting on all the updates for each of them I am finding shit has changed. I don't like change.

So fucking glorious!

Speaking of change, happy 2020!

Now you can be the same worthless slug you were last year, but you can try to convince yourself that you're gonna change for at least a week.

But we all know.

Your ass is going to stay glued to your recliner.

You're going to play video games.

You're going to smoke too much, drink too much, fuck too little, sleep even less.

Or maybe this will be the year you turn it all around.

Okay, I feel personally attacked by everything I just wrote.

I'm going for a jog.

Titty sprinkles!


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