This life full of beautiful miscreants

We're about to get on a boat with some beautiful miscreants and a live action soundtrack.

There will be hugs. There will be dancing. There will be that surprise of seeing someone you kind of know, but not really because you only became facebook friends through mutual facebook friends but never really met in the real world. There will be run on sentences.

At the end of it all those facebook friends will become real world friends. Friends you will miss when it's time to say goodbye. Friends you will cry for when they face tragedy. Friends you will celebrate with when they welcome new life into the world. Friends. The real kind.

It started last night, like so many of these things do, at a Frank Turner concert.

So many hugs.

So many apologies.

I'm sorry I'm so sweaty.

Shut up, as I squeeze even harder.

So many of these beautiful miscreants held us up over the last year, sending so much more than thoughts and prayers as we set about rebuilding our home.

And now we celebrate.

We celebrate the friends who are still here. We celebrate the lives of those gone. We live a little bit louder because of it.

I plan on taking all the selfies with all the beautiful miscreants this weekend. Probably more than a few with each of them.

Now excuse me. I need a shower. I sweat quite a lot last night.

Titty sprinkles!


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