Isn't it always?

You ever just want to blow it up and start all over again?

Almost every day of my life, actually. And after this past year where it feels like life has been on hold I keep thinking it may be time to hit the reset button on this site.

I know, the seven of you have missed me, and I am not closing the site, just... hitting reset.

I think.


I don't know.

I once had it in my head that I would put together a few of the favorites, package it in a book, then raze this bitch to the ground and start again from scratch.

Rinse, lather, repeat every few years.

Then the hurricane happened. Life got put on hold. I became an ant whose hill had been stomped on by some shitty kid named Michael, obsessed with the task of rebuilding my little hill.

But that shit year is over and I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!

So... we'll see what I do here.

Titty sprinkles, or whatever.

Libary printer.


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