I think music is in good hands

I got sick on a boat. Again. I blame sick people going out in public when they should have stayed home.

There is a special hell for people like that. One that burns a few degrees hotter than regular hell.

Suffice to say (suffice it is NOT a fucking thing, stop it you sound silly) I spent over half our cruise in bed and not in a fun way.

Now that I am a captain, you should buy me a boat. We can start a charter business. You can be the silent partner and I can drive. You're welcome for the sound investment advice.

A stupid person posted a link to one of those conspiracy theory sites yesterday that states climate change is crap. All the sited links went back to other articles on the same site. I found myself hoping he has children so they can inherit the broken world their daddy believes isn't broken.

Then I realized, my god, I am a terrible human being for thinking that way.

Then I sipped my coffee perfectly content with this self-knowledge.

I wrote a thing a few weeks back and I got a message from a dear friend telling me that I hurt them with my words.

I considered what I wrote, considered my friend's point of view and apologized. Not one of those, I'm sorry you took offense kind of shit apologies either. It was a legit, I hurt you, I fucked up, I am sorry apologies.

I tell you this to remind you that I am a better person than you even when I fuck up.

I tell myself that because I fuck up a lot more often than not and it keeps me from hating myself.

Have a day.

Postscript - I had no idea who H.E.R. was before the Grammy Awards. TGB tried telling me about her, but I was sick and couldn't hear out of that ear. Now? I am all in. This performance made me a fan.


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