A bit of a rant on politics and that time Jason Momoa made me cry

So... where were we?

Our president is still a racist pile of shit, but at least he has a cool new nickname.

President Motherfucker.

He announces we are pulling out of Syria and his daddy says that's a great start, but what about Afghanistan? and seemingly twenty minutes later Motherfucker-in-Chief announces we're getting out of there as well.

Now end the shutdown you motherfucking shit gibbon.

We got a new Governor. A republican. In Florida. I am as surprised by that as you are.

DeSantis has actually surprised a lot of people in a short time. Science is like an actual thing to his administration. To that end he is going after the sugar companies to try to save our water from their dumping and the government officials that enabled them. So, fuck yeah!

Meanwhile, Rick Scotts, the political dogshit stuck on your shoe whose smell follows you everywhere, is now our Senator.

Dear Democrats, stop shitting on AOC. Stop telling her that personality is not important. In my lifetime, you dumbasses lost three elections to two very beatable candidates (Bush II & President Motherfucker) because your alternatives to them all had the personality of fucking driftwood. And if you think personality doesn't matter your dumbasses did not pay attention to the last presidential election. You don't have to agree with her on every policy issue - hell, I don't - but for fuck sake, she is a refreshing change from so many crotchety, this is the way we've always done it, uninspiring old fucks like most of you in Congress.

Plus, she gets people engaged in the process! We NEED more of that shit!

Finally, I saw Aquaman. I like Jason Momoa. I think he has a cool little niche. But I was caught off guard by one scene where he calls his dad pops. Suddenly, I was in that moment when I got that call and I lost it for a bit. I let myself feel it, wiped my eyes, and carried on. It's been almost twelve years. I suspect it will creep up on me from time to time until I die. My point is simple, grief is not something to get over. It's a thing to carry and, sometimes, it has to come out and walk a bit with you. Let it. No matter how long it's been. You're not weird for it, you're not broken, you're not stupid.

You're human.

Let yourself be.

Have a day.


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