This song was playing in my head and these words came out

Just like most (if not all) women have a #metoo story, I think most of us men have a story of making a woman feel like less than. I am not implying that we have all raped a woman or, even been guilty of behaving so deplorably it rises to the level of causing a #metoo moment. I am simply saying that most men have, at some point, and maybe more than once, acted like complete and utter dumbasses towards women.

And if you, as a man, can say I've never been a dumbass towards women, I promise, you know a guy who has.

You should smile more.

My eyes are up here. 

Does that shake come with fries?

You get the idea now, right?

Or worse, we've been dismissive when a woman we know or, love shares her #metoo story.

Like most posts, I don't know that I have a point.

As a guy who has been a pig a time or twelve in my life,  I don't think it's asking too much of us men to shut up and listen.

I don't think it's too much to ask us to say, I believe you.

And mean it.

And behave accordingly.

We have to do better.

Have a day.


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