I would rather starve than eat your bread

No Tess, I dribble.


I don't feel like writing today. I haven't felt like writing for quite a long time. 

I have things in my head that I want to put out but, I have this overwhelming sense of dread at the thought of it. 

There is this little boy who gets on the boat with his family on weekends. He hugs me now when he arrives. Apparently, I have become one of his favorite people. 

There is this adorable little girl who gets on the boat, points at me and says, "FASSSTTTT!" and I simply cannot refuse her. 

There is this amazing set of siblings who sit and listen while all the other kids are being little shits during story time. I like them a lot. 

I make friends as easily as I lose them and I lose them at an alarming rate. At this point I know it's me. I'm okay with that. The people who stay, for whatever reason, are made of stronger stuff. The people who go aren't wrong for going. I get it. 

Fuck, I'm stuck with me so, I definitely get it. 

I want a boat. 

Have a day. 


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