A few lines of dribble

I have a difficult time apologizing for a thing I say if I believe that thing to be true.

Neil Simon shaped a lot more of my thinking than I would ever be able to articulate. #theaterkid

I honestly thought Robin Leach died years ago. I also thought he was in his 70s when he was doing Lifestyles.

I never wanted to be a dad but, sometimes I meet a kid and think, if I had a kid I would want her to be like you. 

Then I think, but, she wouldn't be so I would end up fucking hating her. That little bitch.

I think people think I am better than I am.

I wish I was as good a husband as people think I am.

My friend Shelby should cover Not The Doctor. With her voice I think it would be one of those rare covers I enjoy more than the original. And I FUCKING LOVE the original.

It's not a woman's job to fix your broken shit, man.

I voted for John McCain in two primaries.

Never voted for him in a Presidential General Election.

I've voted in every Presidential election since 1992 (the first one I could vote in) and 2012 was the first time I voted for a democrat.

Tomorrow is an election day.

I think about leaving the US a lot.

I think about California seceding a lot.

I wish.

I want to watch less football than I did last season but, I'd miss Charlie and Anthony so I probably will still watch.

I get paid to drive a boat on weekends because the last guy who did it wouldn't drive into a storm. It is expected of me.

Storms come fast and hard.

I wrote that sentence for you to giggle.

You're welcome.

Have a day.


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