All the best words have been taken

A song writer friend of mine once said, write a song. I said, all the best songs have been written already.

I have an amazing poster on my wall imploring me to just fucking write something. It was a gift from an awesome nerd.

I want to tell you that I write all the time. I don't.

I want to tell you that a writer is always writing even when he isn't because he is observing, absorbing, being inspired. He isn't.

When I drove Skinny Lister on tour I was reminded that being a rockstar is a lot of fucking work and that work is hard. I knew that from doing comedy but, clearly I forgot.

Why should writing be any different?

Well, Rudy, because all it takes is sitting down and clickity click clicking on your keyboard. Any slightly evolved monkey can do that! 

Yesterday I was taking a piss and it hit me that I missed TGB. She is away in Nashville. As I washed my hands I panicked as thoughts of her dying in a crash on the way home flashed through my mind.

Will she know how much I love her, how rich she made this life as she lie dying on the side of the road?

I should write that story. 

That story was already written and turned into a movie. 


A friend asked me to take him on the road for a week next summer. A short comedy tour.

I haven't done comedy in two years. I need to knock off a lot of rust.

Why haven't I done comedy? Sobriety and happiness.

My particular comedy pulled the funny out of the darkness in my life. Death, cancer, racism, molestation, all ripe for my comedic talents.

Katie is waiting for pages.

Charlie is waiting for pages.

You're waiting for a story.

I'm going to go watch a movie.

Have a day.


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