The world's more interesting than that, Dana

You have to learn to separate the stuff from the stuff. 

It's a favorite line of mine written by Aaron Sorkin and uttered by William H. Macy as Sam Donovan during the Dana Get Your Gun episode.

A known white supremacist takes a role effecting (affecting?) policy with 45's administration. He pushes policies that would seek to harm those who seek asylum or, heaven forbid, simply want a better life.

A human person with no political power or aspirations sees a meme on social media and asks a simple question: what about the people who are here, who did it the way they were supposed to?

Sam Donovan was marveling at the Brown Bess that was sitting in Dana's office. Dana, as a card carrying member of an anti-gun violence group (the name escapes me), Dana was indignant. Then Sam told her the story of a bunch of farmers and nobodies (paraphrasing) who fought off the Brits with little more than a musket and gumption. Then he informed her that he abhors gun violence and, is in fact, a member of the same anti-gun violence group.

You have to learn to separate the stuff from the stuff. 

Have a day.

I couldn't find the Brown Bess scene so here's the Cliff Gardner scene. It's amazing.


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