No song today. I just don't have it in me.

Watch the above clip and you'll know how I feel about my country lately. 

When people tell me Republicans and Democrats are the same I think, kids, veterans, women. One side uses the three for rhetoric, the other side at least tries to serve them as constituents. 

I texted Kris yesterday that I was not writing much because I am so angry so much of the time and that when I write I angry I come across as nagging. 

We commiserated on our exasperation at what our country has become and went about our day.

I find myself loathing people I once admired. People who are bending over backwards to justify the kind of behavior we used to point to and say, we're better than that.

We aren't better. 

We take children from their parents for political gain. We point to those parents and children and say, they're the problem, they're to blame, if they didn't want their children taken away they shouldn't have come, they're using their children as shields...

We the people have the power to change all of this. It was built into our Constitution. 

We'll protest, we'll shout on social media, we'll blog about it but, when it comes time to doing something about it - actually voting - we sit at home. 

That makes us all complicit. 

I'm done worrying about 45ers anymore. Fuck them and the horse they road in on. 

Anymore, I am going to try to work on the non-voters. Or, better yet, the disenfranchised voter who gave up some time ago for any number of reasons.

It's either that or take a fucking flamethrower to whole fucking thing. 

Have a day. 


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