Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

I've been awake for several hours now. I am tired but, I would be getting up soon for work so, fuck it, may as well stay up.

I was working in the White House for Cheetolini, trying to help keep him from fucking up my country more than he already has. I got up to take a leak when I was greeted by his uglier son at the door to be informed that they were planning on firing 44 WH staffers at the end of the day and I was, wait for it, #45.

Then the fucker wouldn't let me back in the meeting to at least grab my coat.

He threatened to have things done to me if I tried to get my coat.

I bit my tongue because I didn't want TGB to get in trouble (yep, even in my fucking dreams) seeing as how dipshit's dad is her boss.

I walked home in the rain with no coat. There were Secret Service dudes waiting for me. They told me they hated their boss and bought me lunch.

Every time I tried to take a bite of my lunch they would bring up a photo of the ugliest of #45's kids and show me. I ended up crying.

I would rather be waterboarded.

I woke up ascairt and couldn't go back to asleep.

So now I have coffee and heavy eyelids.

I'll tell you kids all about TGB's retirement weekend festivities tomorrow.

Ti... er, no.

Have a day, or whatever.


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