Put on your red shoes and let's do this!

It's always disheartening when the best people think they are shit people and the shit people go about their day convinced they're as awesome as me.

I am going to learn the dance to Little Changes because all I want in life is to be a Frank Turner Flygirl.

Okay, I just spent twenty minutes watching the above video. I think I can do this.

I may even go audition on SYTYCD next season with this song. Nigel, here I come!

TGB and the Nord are going to come home Saturday and I will be in 80's short shorts, covered in sweat looking like...

The 80s were a glorious age.

Look people, if a schmuck like me can try to learn a dance like this with less than a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming a Frank Turner Flygirl (Trademark), then you can believe you're worth a damn.

Because you are. I promise.


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