Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I prefer his brother Michael

I never thought I would share something in common with the North Korean government but, I too find John Bolton repugnant.

The last time Pigs in Zen played in my head this much John Bolton was leading the charge for a war in Iraq.

Captain Mal has a new show. I love that Two is joining him. My two favorite captains.

If you don't get the above references, you aren't a cool nerd. You probably only watch LoTR or whatever. Bleh.

Friends I have who were virgins when we met having grandkids now is just fucking weird.

Friends I have buried who were better than I have ever been.

We have tickets to see Deadpool 2 on Friday. I am more excited than I was the first time I got a blowjob.

Less nervous, too.

I am going to cook the remaining bacon and make breakfast burritos while the Nord and TGB sleep in. There's just enough bacon for me.

Suck on that, ladies.

Titty sprinkles!