I envy Jacob

When I was a kid I would imagine the most gruesome revenge on people who hurt the people I loved.

It was never the people who hurt me. I suppose I am not unique in that regard. I imagine most people think, hurt me but, leave my loved ones alone.

I further imagine that sentiment is not that different from the prayer of the one left behind, take me, not her, please god. 

The funny thing is that now that I am an adult that hasn't really changed much. In fact, there are people from my childhood who hurt people I love that I still have occasion to hear about from time to time and, sometimes, I hear their life is shit and I smile.

People tell me I should let that shit go. It's bad for my chi or whatever. But it's not really something I actively hold onto so much as it is something I wish for, then send it off into the universe. If, one day, that person ends up with ass cancer and I giggle, well, that simply cannot be helped. And it isn't my doing; I am not that powerful.

Mind you, if I see you standing at the edge of a steep cliff and, I notice that nobody has their phone out recording, I cannot promise I won't bump you accidentally and send you into the abyss. You know, if you ever hurt someone I love.

I have to go take an axe to another palm tree.

Don't worry, I won't be imagining it's you.


Titty sprinkles!


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