Ain't that some shit

I was all set to become a Seahawks fan. Then the NFL decided to force players to stand for the anthem. Then I became ready to seriously dump the league. Then the Jets owner said, fuck off, I'll pay any of the fines of our players protesting. Now I am considering becoming a Jets fan.

Look, an employer can fine employees for almost anything they want. I have no problem with that if you know that as an employee going in.

I do have a problem with any employee or school or anyone telling anyone else that they are obligated to stand for a pledge, an oath, a fucking song that proves some dumbfuckery notion of patriotism.

Patriotic tests are un-Constitutional.

Any veteran who tells you otherwise has forgotten his/her oath.

You want to stand for the National Anthem and face the flag, I will fight anyone who tries to stop you.

You want to peacefully protest during the same National Anthem, I will fight anyone who tries to stop you.

Seriously though, I am thinking about ditching the entire NFL after this.

Fuck Roger Goodell and his dumbfuck minions.

Titty sprinkles!


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