You fucked the world up now, we'll fuck it all back down

I am digging the new Janelle Monáe record.

It's been a busy few days away from you but, I finally found some time to get out onto the kayak yesterday. It was glorious. 

When I have my back to the shore and head south into the great wide open I can almost forget the rest of the world. One day I may simply never stop paddling out. 

I am enjoying stupid people praising #45 for eliminating Isis, lowering taxes and bringing peace to the Korean continent. 

Get back to me in two years, dumbfucks.

Meanwhile, my gas prices are skyrocketing and I am having to re-fight the fights we already fought and won because your orange prince of fuckery is deadset on taking this country back to a time when only white males mattered. 

This is post 1,060. I know because I am going through the other 1,059 to sift through the one or two that aren't whiney crap to throw together in a book to get you idiots to give me money. 

Seriously, how do you fuckers read my crap? It hurts my eyes. 

You are much better people than I. Or you're just fucking masochists. 

Titty sprinkles!


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