Friday, April 20, 2018

Can you tell I'm faking it?

A lot of people I know are shipping out on the Flogging Molly Cruise today.

Fuck those fuckers.

Nah, I am just kidding. I hope they have fun. And come back with some sort of virus.

I am heading to Mississippi for the weekend. Then a follow up appointment on Monday morning.

I need to write TGB's original oncologist a letter.

What would you write

I would write thank you.

Thank you Dr. Dorigo for saving my wife's life. Thank you for leaving her as whole as you could while taking out all that was trying to hurt her. Thank you for five and a half years of the best years of our lives; every laugh, every joyous moment, every awesome concert - you had a hand in.

Thank you never condescending. Thank you for always being patient with the moron husband who wasn't nearly as up to speed as she was on what was going on. Thank you for never pitying me but, always empathizing.

Thank you for the words, 'your wife doesn't have cancer anymore.'

That's what I would say.

I have to go pack for the weekend.

There's a casino waiting for the rest of my tour money.

Titty sprinkles!

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