Assholes and Hamhocks Part One

Texting the band: I'm going bowling.

No response. The bowling alley was closed til noon so I walked. There was a small bookstore with a book about Buster Keaton in the window. That was enough to get me inside. It was a cute store with a lot of old books.

Can I help you?

Yes, I would love to see that Buster Keaton book in the display window.

Would you also like the Harold Lloyd book?

I missed that! Hell yes! In fact, I will just take them.

I walked out smiling, posted a photo of my find on the social medias and checked for a response.


New text to Chantel: I'm going bowling. 

I can be there in about an hour.


I walked over to the bowling alley and sat down in the restaurant to eat. Half an hour later she shows up.

We eat. I show her Scott's comment about Powell's.

Fuck bowling, as she takes a fry from my plate, we're going to Powell's. Then I am showing you my Portland. 

Then she handed me a jar of mushrooms for the boys in the band.

For their day off.

And that is how the best day of the tour began.

More later...

Titty sprinkles!


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