Mostly, I just want to go home

When I was a young boy I wanted to sail 'round the world. - Neil Finn

I'm pretty much over that shit now.

Toes in the sand, sun in the sky (I miss the fucking sun) and a Tall, Gorgeous Blonde in my bed.

And the ocean at my door. Fuck me do I miss the ocean.

A friend is coming to visit from far, far away in a couple weeks. She needs to heal. She has no idea what she is in for.

That is the power of the sea.

You can sit there on the beach, the sounds of the birds, the waves crashing, the smells of the sea... and the noise in your head will dissipate.

That lover who broke your heart? The sea will put a salve on the bitch and leave you whole.

Dead loved one? I swear you will hear their voice with every wave crash.

That promotion missed? That job lost? That life plan that blew up in your face?

All of that any other heartache I cannot imagine can be healed at the foot of the sea.

I suspect the reason is because we're all connected in one way or another and the sea is a literal manifestation of that. The sea touches all seven continents. Everyone you love or have ever loved has been someplace the sea has kissed.

When I finally go spread my ashes in the Monterey Bay. Wherever they go from there will just one more adventure.

Titty sprinkles!


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