You're gonna miss Tom by his taco

Congrats you degenerates of Philadelphia.

Philadelphiawesome, amirite?!?!

Fuck you.

That was a fun Superb Owl from start to finish.

The Pats have never played in a dull SB. Not once.

Stillers fan reacting to Tom Brady losing like they somehow won all while they support a two-time (alleged) rapist is more than a lot hilarious.

Stillers fan: making the case that they are the dumbest fan in sports.

Fans everywhere reacting like Tom Brady is the antichrist and celebrating the Pats losing like some moral victory over Tom.

That motherfucker knows how to throw a football and the game is going to miss his talent when he's gone, you dumbfucks.

Eagles fan disappointed me by acting almost sane in comparison to my expectation. So very sad about that one.

Please step your game up during the parade, Iggles fan.

JT was fucking awful. And homeless, apparently.

Also, can I request, as a football fan, that we dump the ridiculous halftime show? It is too fucking long and unnecessary. It's like a fourteen inch cock; nobody wants something that long.

Except maybe Jason's mom.

Titty sprinkles!


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