The only difference between us

Hey, would you mind listening to some new tracks and gimme your feedback?

Not at all. 

Cool, thanks! 

So that's how I am spending this morning.

My critique in a nutshell: Concrete Blonde with chutzpah. Best played LOUD!

In other news...

Last night we went to see Jason Eady. TGB knows him from his from their time in the USAF together. Which is a coincidence because, I also fell in love with Bob Ross, who spent 20 years in the USAF, last night.

The bar played Bob Ross the entire night. I was fucking enthralled. He paints so fucking fast! First there's a nothing, then there's this majestic as fuck landscape!

Anyway, Jason Eady... remember when country music wasn't about pontoons and sexy tractors? Yeah, that's the time Eady's music takes you back to that time.

You ever meet someone and think, I feel like I've known you my whole life?

That's what Jason Eady's music feels like.

Just stop what you're doing and listen to this song. I promise, you will smile.

Also, how fucking cool is it that Val Kilmer reprised his role as Doc Holliday just to play drums?


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