That's what dreams are made of

When I was forced to watch the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies the other night I was reminded of the difference, and the greatness of my country.

Most other countries (not all) were rather homogeneous; almost all one thing.

Then the United States shows up with this fucking beautiful mish-mash of diversity. So many of our athletes look so very different from one another. That is the biggest difference and that reflects our truest greatness.

Yesterday as I watched Chloe Kim win gold like a fucking badass I was reminded of that greatness. A first generation Korean-American born to immigrants. And now she is a gold medal winner for her parents adopted country.

That's about as American as it gets.

We've never needed to make America great again because we've always been great.

As long as we remember that our greatness comes, in large part, from immigrants coming here and adding their piece to the beautiful mosaic that is America we will always be great.

Titty sprinkles!


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