In hindsight, I blame it all on Drunk History

Woke up singing Billie Holiday this morning.

My appreciation of Billie can be traced directly to Uncle Charlie.

So whatever it is that made Good Morning, Heartache pop into my brain as soon as I opened my eyes... well, thanks.

My friend Colleen writes things.

My friend Katie drew me a sheep. I am taking it with me on the road.

You ever just hear a melancholy song and let yourself get wrapped up in the sweet sadness of it? I mean really just let yourself go and get enveloped in the delicious misery, maybe even cry? That's what happens when I listen to Lady Day for too long.

That always reminds me of Elizabethtown. Claire tells Drew to get lost in the sweet misery of his grief (paraphrased) over the loss of his dad. So he does.

l think Elizabethtown was written just for me. I only know one other person who saw it after his dad died and connected with it like I did. In fact, other than the people I have made watch it, I don't know anyone else who has seen it.

It's not for everyone. But it is for you if you've lost your awesome dad.

When I really, really want to get wrapped up in the mess of it all I will do a double feature of Elizabethtown and Life As a House. So many fucking emotions.

Titty sprinkles!


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