I'll be home before you know it then you'll be sick of me again

I miss my wife.

That's my first takeaway on this tour so far.

It's amazing to think I have become that guy who is fat and happy at home.

I used to love running away. Needed it. Stay in one place with the same people too long and I would get an itch to escape.

It wasn't anyone's fault. My entire life I was always running. I think my foray into comedy was just another attempt at it.

Now, I just want to get back home to my wife, my dogs, the beach.

I imagine that my mindset will change tonight once I pick up the band and we actually get to touring and making music magic. Yes, I know I am not making any of the actual magic but, I get to have a hand in helping. At the very least, I get a front row seat and all access pass.

Driving 55' +/- is not all fun and games. That itty bitty trailer is a fucking nightmare.

Beyond that, it's been an adventure. Lots of truck stops.

I have to say this.

Truckers, I apologize. I have often maligned you but, over the course of the last four days you have shown me a generosity of spirit and helped my dumbass more than I would like to admit. You are vastly underappreciated and I promise I will not forget just how much you've helped me. Repeatedly.

For all of my complaining, I am sitting in a VIP lounge at a Marriott in downtown Houston thanks to an amazing friend.

I have a feeling that in the coming months I am going to be touched time and by the kindness of people I call friends.

I will do these when I can. No promises.

Titty sprinkles!


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