If music didn't exist I'd be useless

My face hurts this morning. That's the price I pay for not taking my allergy drugs last night.

I leave Friday for the road.

I am a little nervous. There's always a fear that people won't like me, that I'll embarrass myself.

I know in my head that that is a very human experience but, in a different part of my head a voice is screaming, no dude, you really do suck and people merely tolerate you until they get sick of you. And they always get sick of you.

I wrote the above down not to garner your pity, or even your empathy. I wrote it down because I suspect - no, I know - that learning that I have that same doubt you have may surprise one or three of you. Hopefully, knowing it goes through my head will, in some small way, help you the next time it goes through yours.

It has helped me to know that people I admire are as riddled by self-doubt as I am.

Not that you admire me.

You shouldn't. I have fart contests with my dog whenever my wife is not around.

Titty sprinkles!


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