Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hi from San Antonio

I was sitting in a green room last night listening to the accordion being played. It was my favorite part of the tour.

Then I sat in on soundcheck. Just me, the merch girl and a small handful of HOB employees working on getting the sound right.

Here was a band working on the minutiae to get the sound exactly right for the rest of us. We see the end product. I got to witness the blue collar work of it  all. It was my favorite part of the tour.

My friend brought me peanut brittle. I got to squeeze her and her daughter. It was my favorite part of the tour.

I got to drive for six or so hours to the next venue. Not so much my favorite part of the tour.

I showered this afternoon and the accordion was playing again in the next room. Definitely my favorite part of this tour.

I'm liking this a lot more now that I am not alone on the road driving a big monstrosity.

I still miss my wife. More now actually. Because I want to tell her all the things.

Telling her makes this real. I love that.

I want that for you.

Titty sprinkles!

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