Too many cameras and not enough food

I love my friends but, sometimes I think, Jesus Christ, you can suck the pleasure out of a blowjob.

TGB is home sick again. She went to work with cancer so you know this shit is serious. Almost but not quite man-cold serious.

I have been sleeping like shit the last week or so. I think my subconscious is stressing out over the upcoming tours. No, I am not going on a comedy tour, I am driving schmucks of the musical variety around on tour. I am excited but, driving a tank through Boston in the winter - twice - is nerve racking.

Or maybe it's allergies. I do wake up with a bloody nose.

I hope Skinny Lister does This City when they play LA. I know it started out a song about London when they wrote it but, it became a song about LA when I heard it.

My fat ass has to go work out so, piss off or whatever.

Titty sprinkles!


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