This isn't the song I was looking for but, I don't care enough to keep searching

Last night I got a package.

Pacage, giggity.

My little brother sent me a model of a pirate ship. It was sitting in his storage and I saw it and said, LET'S DO IT!

We couldn't do it because we were looking for something to bury grandma in at that particular moment. He had moved her stuff into his storage when she went into her most recent home and among her things was the white dress she wanted to wear for eternity.

I was a little bummed. It would have been cool. Four grown ass men (me and my three brothers) putting together a damn pirate ship.

Last night that pirate ship showed up on my door with a note demanding that I get it done!

I have to buy glue.

Titty sprinkles!


Kristen, thanks for the reminder about storytime. Also, I cannot watch FG because my fucking DVR only recorded half of it because of fucking football or some shit. I am glad the regular season is over. The NFL on Fox has ruined a lot of great television for mediocre shit football.


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