The sunlight in my face

I want something amazing to happen.

Case Keenum drops back, throws the ball into the air, Diggs catches it...


Diggs runs for a TD! Game over!

Wow, I said I want something amazing to happen and it did!

*Shaking her head* You said, 'get out of bounds!'

I mean before the play! I literally said -

You literally said, 'get out of bounds!'

I still cannot believe that game.

Five years sober today. I do not think it is a coincidence that these have been five of the happiest years of my life. That first one was a challenge though.

It's funny to me all the people I have met in the time after I stopped drinking. There is this illusion that my life is this one thing. Meanwhile the people who have been there through the fucking mess and shit of the before just shake their head and think, you have no idea. To me the miracle is that any of the before people stuck around.

Those of you who did, you're the real heroes in my story.


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