Monday, January 29, 2018

That we could trust in crossed fingers and horseshoes

Watching the Grammys last night I had some random thoughts:

I'd be more impressed and touched if, instead of sappy tributes to victims, we took actual steps to prevent mass shootings from happening.

We won't and that previous sentence will offend some people more than actual mass shootings do.

Anna Kendrick missed the opportunity to introduce Elton as Jim Gaffigan's mom! 

Sarah Silverman. Love her.

Lady Gaga, I will always apologize for writing you off as less than the absolute fucking talented badass that you actually are.

P!nk blew the doors off the joint. I fucking love her. I need more of her music in my iTunes.

I am going on a music shopping spree before the tour.

Ben Platt was my favorite performance of the night. Jesus, that man can sing.

Hold my chardonnay - Patti LuPone.

We met them backstage, TGB said.

Yeah, we did. His wife looooovvvveeesss TGB.

I hate Donald Glover. No man should be that fucking talented AND that fucking pretty.

I was not the biggest Hillary fan but, I hope to fucking god she actually does the audiobook of Fire and Fury.

I am now a SZA fan.

Okay, onto other things. Frank Turner has a new song out today.

I wonder if fingers and horseshoes wasn't originally thoughts and prayers. 

I love the new song. A lot.

You already knew that.

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