Monday, January 22, 2018

So weary all the time

Hi, we're the Federal Government and we've shut down. Please come into the office and sign your paperwork that states you will not be getting paid for the duration of the shutdown.

I got a text this morning to come sign my furlough paperwork. There is something funny about that but, I have only been awake seven minutes and have had no coffee so gimme a minute to figure out what it is.

I hope the lesson learned is to stop voting Republican, dumbasses.

That fucking party beats the support our troops drum ad fucking naseaum but, when it comes to actually doing something for the men and women who serve they treat them like the shit on the sidewalk to be avoided.

It should NEVER come down to a third party to take care of our men and women who serve. Never.

I am more than a little angry about that.

To top it off, Mitch McConnell decided to vote against paying our military members during the shutdown.

But yeah, they fucking love our troops.

Burn that fucking party to the ground, voters.

In less annoying news, I cannot pick a football winner to save my life. My friend Charlie will beg me to keep my stink off of his beloved Patriots.

But I hate the Iggles. They are the Raiders East. Their fans are just fucking awful.

It is a fucking conundrum, boys and girls!

Titty sprinkles!

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