Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Now excuse me while I watch this video. Again.

Dear Katee, you will have your pages this morning. I have just been gripped in fear. Also, I am lazy. Mostly lazy.

Also, I get easily distracted. Have you ever played The Last Of Us? It's fun and it has the little girl from Growing Pains cussing like a motherfucking sailor.

It's really good.

But your pages are about done. In fact, you will have them from two different (maybe three) scenes because I want to see what you do with them. I expect that you will make my words look and sound like they were written by a genius.

And if the words suck I will just blame the thespians.

Thespis was not a god, he is a ghost. The ghost of the first actor to ever take to the stage. Aaron Sorkin taught me that.

Aaron Sorkin is in recovery. Lots of years sober. We have that and great dialogue in common.

And a penchant for feisty broads playing our female lead.

A lot of chicks don't like to be called broads. I think it fits you. At least your appreciation for old Hollywood makes me think you'd be okay with it. Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, et al, those were broads, dames even.

Check your email, Katee.

Everyone else, just ignore this.

Titty sprinkles!

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