London, July 2016

Watching Frank's tender goodbye to Ben at the end of the night. 

The homeless man with the dog that looked at him like he was the king of the world. 

Hearing a non-English speaker help by taking a photo of a couple who spoke neither English nor the helping man's language. 

Meeting Rob. 

Dave Danger smiling at me across the stage like we were the only two people there. 

Matt's girlfriend helping me find an easier way to the men's room.  

Hugging Pauline and not wanting to let go. 

Realizing I am well on my way to being Del. 

Bob's tour. 

That amazing fucking conversation at Pizza Express. 

Both nights. 

Nashville by Bruce Springsteen. 

Making Ben Marwood laugh. 

Ben fucking Morse. 

The black boy, the white boy, and the brown boy sitting together, laughing. 

Canoodling with TGB on stage while Frank sang Hangover Kisses. 

Meeting the person Mittens is about. 

Meeting so many people who matter to people who matter to me. 

The Danny/Dave show our first night and laughing so hard my face hurt. 


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