Let's have an 11 minute dance party to one of the greatest songs of all time

I think I want to redesign the blog again.

Maybe boobs.

They're such cooky birds after all.

mymorningdribble dot com is still being held hostage. I'm kind of amused by that fact. I mean, I sure as hell am not going to spend more than the, what? less than $20 a year for it. I am going to make it my life goal to simply wait them out and let them renew it every year after year. I have seven readers (yeah, I added one), jackass!

I made the mistake of perusing my congressman's website this morning. Jesus fuck, Florida is fucking stupid. Before they redistricted last year I had an independent progressive congresswoman. Guess what I have now?

I think a lot about what it would take to get back to Monterey when TGB retires. She'd say, my life insurance policy.

I'd say, you were supposed to be dead already, woman! 

She'd say, yeah, you're not the only one disappointed I'm still here!

And we'd laugh, then turn away from each other and quietly sob ourselves to sleep.

Titty sprinkles!


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