Sunday, January 7, 2018

Just to spend half your life tryin' to cover it up

I was perusing the book o' faces when I remembered, ah shit, I am doing this again.

Watched an NFL playoff game take place in LA last night. I suspect it is going to be awhile til there is another one. At least, another one played by an LA team in LA.

I have music playing AND the television is on. That's the kind of shit that drives TGB crazy, so don't tell her. Also, I am the type of dumbass that remembers to renew her url even though she hasn't written in, what, a year or two but, then forget to renew mine despite 87 or so reminders. I am a moron.

But you knew this already.

I am reading the new book about Sir AssclownI'll let you know what I think when I am done. Suffice to say (by the way, there is never an it after suffice unless you are a dumbass) so far none of it is a surprise.

Your President is a fucking moron, America.

When I was a kid Ronald Reagan came to my elementary school. I was in second grade and this was during his campaign. As young as I was I thought, this is genius; he's planting a seed that he cares about little black and brown kids and I will remember this when I turn eighteen and register to vote!

Okay, maybe I wasn't that smart. But I did know that I was now a Republican and a Reagan guy.

My neighbor, a hippie, said President Carter would win the election.


My dad heard me. He beat my ass. For saying fuck, not for any political leanings. I think.

But I didn't care. Jimmy and the democrats got me an ass beating and that stayed with me more than Ronnie's visit. So, when it came time to register to vote I registered a Republican. Proudly.

Furthermore, George H W Bush only strengthened my resolve to register a Republican when he came to visit my high school - again, on the campaign trail - and spoke to a bunch of kids who couldn't vote yet. (that may be when I actually thought this was a brilliant game plan by the GOP but, it's way cooler if you think I thought it when I was a second grader so we'll tell anyone who asks that's when the idea hit me. Cool? Cool.)

It wasn't until 2012 that I re-registered as an independent.

I would never register as a Democrat. Gross.

The end.

Titty sprinkles!

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