It is 5 am And you are listening to Los Angeles

I like leftover coffee. And pizza.

I have both waiting so I am going to make this quick.

When I was in Bosnia a long, long time ago there were three things that kept me sane.

Jennifer Aniston in Rolling Stone magazine hanging on my rack.

The Jim Rome show on cassette sent from friends.

And this article about the Greatest City in the world.

I cut it out of the Stars and Stripes in which it was reprinted and hung it right next to Jennifer.

Somewhere along the way I lost my copy of it and I'd spent a small chunk of the last twenty years looking for it again.

The irony is that it took working in a military library to find it again. It's bookmarked and downloaded so that I never lose it again.

I am an arrogant, unapologetic Angelino and Californian.

People go to LA to become something greater than they could ever be in their little shit town.

Bitch, I am of that greatness.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript, I had an acting class in Reseda.


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