I'm sleepy

I am sleeping like complete garbage lately. I am getting anxious about the upcoming tours.

As excited as I am, I am also more than a little nervous.

Traveling with one of my favorite bands is cool. Knowing I am going to see so many wonderful people I love along the way, even better.

Don't fuck it up.

How could I possibly fuck it up?

You could crash and die and kill all the members of one of your favorite bands. 

Wow. Melodramatic?

You're going to be driving in snow. Boom.

Yeah, but...

But nothing! And you know everyone is going to hit you up to meet the band. You gonna be the asshole who says no. 

Nobody is going to do that. At least, not my friends.

Your friends are assholes.

My friends are awesome!

You're an asshole and like attracts like! 

Can I just go to sleep?

Don't have any nightmares about crashing buses. 

You're an asshole.

Nah, I'm your brain, bitch! 

Titty Sprinkles!


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