I love to see you strut

We have a shithole shithead President.

But you already knew that.

My guess is WalMart will replace the Sam's they've closed with WalMart stores now that they've killed local competition. This is why I love Costco.

It's funny that I hate Chicago so much while I love John Belushi and the gifts of comedy that is Second City.

Got my eyeballs examined yesterday. New glasses ordered. Had to go to a new eye place because last year the one I went to left me less than pleased. Long story short: I've worn glasses since second grade. It never takes longer than a minute or so for my eyes to adjust to a new script. I never adjusted to the script from the last place. Went in a couple of times hoping to get it fixed. It took prodding but, they finally adjusted my contact script. I gave up on my glasses and went back to my ten year old glasses with their old script.

Anyway, I now have two new pairs on order with a script I feel so much better about. The doctor actually spent more than 120 seconds with me. Weird.

I know a guy who gets upset that I call #45 #45 instead of President or President Fuckfacevonclownstick...er... Trump. That amuses me.

Titty sprinkles!


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