Hurt people hurt people

I am a painfully slow reader.

I say that because I am not done with Fire and Fury. I wanted to throw the book last night when I learned that #45's fucking crew had to google how to even create an Executive Order.

That's right, we went from a Harvard scholar, Constitutional Lawyer to a fucker who has to use the googles to govern.

I blame you, white people.

Sairose Ronan is one of those thespians I will watch by default. If she is in it, I am interested. Brooklyn, yo.

Greta Gerwig I have been smitten with since Greenberg.

Anyway, when Lady Bird got nominated for the Golden Globes I was geeked. When it won it was like seeing the little movie that could succeed. So, as sad as I was that Get Out did not win, I was especially pleased for Lady Bird. You should see it.

In fact, just binge on Greta Gerwig flicks followed by Sairose Ronan flicks. It's cold as balls and you haven't anything better to do.

Titty sprinkles!

This video makes me happy.


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