30 days of music in one post

Some of you are going to point out the discrepancies between this list and what I have been posting on Facebook. You can go fuck yourselves. 

Day 1: There are a lot of songs that make me feel alive but, I went with the live version of Dancing Nancies because... sing and dance, sha-la-la, heyyyy la-la-la

Day 2: Stacy's Mom because... hilarious to remember friends of mine's moms giving me boners back in the day.

Day 3: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. I played that record more times than probably any other album in my lifetime.

Day 4: Live's Four Songs EP is one of the greatest introductions to a band I have ever come across. Side note: Mental Jewelry is their greatest record.

Day 5: We were in LA watching Frank Turner. Up til then I mostly thought he was okay. Then, he closed out the show with Photosynthesis and I have been hooked ever since. I want this song played at my funeral. I want everyone fucking dancing.

Day 6: Overkill. Just stop it. You are wrong. It is Overkill.

Day 7: So many of these. So. Fucking. Many. This morning I am going with Glorious You not just because I am a FT fan but, the fucking drumming on my steering wheel to this song always leaves me bruised. Damn you, Nigel!

Day 8: See Day 3.

Day 9: FT's last night at Lost Evenings. When someone pours all of himself into every show and somehow gives you even more on a night like that... you fucking had to be there.

Day 10: I thought about going with Uptown Funk but, I have to go with Groove Is In The Heart.

Day 11: This was the easiest one. Don't Think Twice.

Day 12: This was the toughest one. Songs that She Sang in the Shower.

Looks like I'm here with the guy I judge worse than anyone else
So I pace and I pray and 
I repeat the mantras that might keep me clean for the day

Day 13: I hate holiday music. Merry Christmas You Cunt.

Day 14: My new Arkells hoodie. I may never take it off.

Day 15: You will be expecting some FT or maybe even Garbage. You are wrong. See Day 3.

Day 16: Any Every song FT sings.

Day 17: Being a Southern Californian, every single day is summer so this was harder than it seemed. I went with one of the most Californian of bands singing about, well, Summer Nights.

Day 18: St. Anne's Parade. My friends make this life too good...

Day 19: I have more than one favorite artist. Queer, I know. (swidt?)

Day 20: There are quite a few of these, actually. But this is my favorite: Rudy Soho. I see the look on your face, that's not RUDY, that's Ruby, dumbass. Maybe when you hear it but, I have had it sung to me and the words changed just for me. It was on a boat. He was Canadian. You wouldn't know him.

Day 21: The Stray Cats are the first band I remember loving while they were actually making music. Sexy and 17.

Day 22: Southeastern.

Day 23: Southeastern.

Day 24: I never think of fall per se but, when I read the day 24 subject this song popped right into my head. London Rain.

Day 25: Waltzing Matilda. Sure, I waltz.

Day 26:

Micky Rickshaw's asshole.
Day 27: It was on a boat. You had to be there.  

Day 28: Hit 'em Up. Alllllll dayyyyyy! 

Day 29: Frank Turner & Sleeping Souls, Garbage, Dave Matthews Band. 

Day 30: This year? The Nashville Sound, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.


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