we went right on with the show

Yesterday three things happened.

First, we finished watching The Defenders. It was meh. At the end I was not optimistic that Daredevil would stay dead. I was disappointed that he did not. I cannot figure out why the  Iron Fist is even a thing. I love Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and want them to make beautiful caramel colored, badass babies.

Second, the USC Trojans shit the bed against Notre Dame. This was not a surprise. They've been just good enough to beat average teams all year and their QB is guaranteed to turn the ball over two times a game. Sometimes more. If he's a number one pick, I am Diego Luna.

I am not Diego Luna.

And finally, the Nueva Jork Jankees had two chance to meet my Dodgers in the World Series - baseball the way the Baseball Gods intended - and choked that away. So now we're stuck with Houston. A town nobody cares about except to feel pity for because of a lot of rain or, whatever.

Here's the deal, I fucking hate Texas so I hope we sweep their asses and make their fans cry.

So, there you go.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript, this song goes out to NYC and, especially, my friend Nicole.

Post-postscript, I love New York. Whenever anyone bashes LA I ask, where are you from? If the answer is anywhere other than NYC I giggle and feel pity for them. You making fun of LA is like an ugly broad making  fun of Charlize Theron. If they're a New Yorker, well, we argue about the Yankees having more WS rings and the Lakers having more NBA titles and, eventually, agree that every city not named LA or NYC is shit and that the Mets and Clippers suck. 


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