The weatherman said

Today there is going to be a football game or two. Some players are going to kneel or, lock arms or, do something the faux patriotic white Drumpf voters insist is disrespectful.

Fucking Moron in Charge will tweet out some invectives about the players, chastise teams for not firing said players for exercising their Constitutionally protected rights.

Rights that protect us from the government, of which, he is the fucking head.

He will likely even tweet about veterans. Fuck me, Republicans love to drag us out whenever they want to pound their chests about patriotism. But, again, fuck me, do they hate giving active duty members a raise and do they fight like hell to take away our benefits.

What Orange Marmalade will not do is make mention of the four dead service members in Niger. I know this because he hasn't mentioned them on his favorite social media platform yet.

I suspect he might mention them when someone whispers in his ear that he should use them as a pawn against NFL players.

And remember: they are NOT protesting the flag, or some song, or veterans. They are protesting to shine a light on SYSTEMIC RACISM in this country. Got it? Good.

Do you still support him if you voted for him?

I mean, have you at least realized that he is a shit hombre? He's not what is best in our country, he is not our brightest, nor our finest.

My friends are losing their rights, protections, access to health care. Fights we thought were already fought and won are going to have to be fought all over again.

And if you voted for him, you did that.


Titty sprinkles!


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