Don't forget to wipe!

Oh my god, Rudy, you cannot expect me to read old dribbles when I take my morning poo! 

That's a message I got yesterday. Or something like that. From a nagging friend.

So I am writing this just for you and your morning poop. I hope you get constipated and have hemorrhoids.

Are you pushing? Are you pushing real good?

Don't forget to wash your hands. And for fuck sake, put the toilet seat down BEFORE you flush.

I kinda hope I post this just after you finish so you can be sad. Just a little sad. Not like real sad.

I am going to Biloxi today.

It'll be interesting to see how much they've recovered since the hurricane. I forget which hurricane hit them, we've had so many.

Remember boys and girls:

You can be a christian who loves Jesus or a christian who loves #45; you cannot be both.

Titty sprinikles!


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