Blink... blink... blink...

Vacation was awesome, thanks for asking.

Getting home to yet another record breaking mass shooting not so much.

I've been watching my cursor blink for ten minutes.

I want to tell you about Mobile and beautiful people we met years ago on a boat who are now more important to us than we would have ever imagined.

I want to tell you about getting on stage with Frank Turner. I want to lament that not a single person got a picture for me. I want to boast about having awesome friends and amazing times. I want to tell you about all the money we won and then lost but, laughed losing every single cent.

I want to tell you about a tatted up man named Putu from Bali working to get back to his kids. I want to tell you about towel animals and annoying kids. I want to tell you ... about a woman named Karen we met the last day of the cruise. How she invited us to her home in Las Vegas to watch football because she has a 150" screen and loves Ohio State.

I forgot on which floor we parked the car at the harbor so I went to fetch it while TGB waited. When I got to her she was hiding tears behind her sunglasses.

She told me about Las Vegas.

I thought, not again. Then, of course again. And again soon. And then again after that...

I hugged her and got back into the car.

She drove so I texted my cousin to make sure everyone was okay. Julia and Rachel were at the concert but, home safely. When I had my idea for a stupid reality competition, Rachel hosted my demo. She was beautiful and brilliant. She brought Julia along because of course she did. At night, Julia picked up my guitar and sang for us. Her voice is one of the sweetest things you'll ever hear.

I was relieved and sad and wanted just to hug them.

Then I looked around the parking deck. I wanted to find Karen. I wanted to see that she was okay.

I don't know what I am going to do next but, I have to do something.

My country needs to do better.


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