B&W Challenge. Day two.

Lucy Liu has a new boyfriend. He's a big, beautiful, silver lab. We run into him most mornings at the park and LL has taken to running off with him while Dexter watches, wishing he were a real big dog.

Lucy Liu contemplates the universe.

I am getting annoyed with blogger. Two days in a row now it is having issues. Maybe I'll move this shit to Medium.

Anyway, I kinda wish I hadn't gone to bed when the Dodgers were down 5-3. Even though they ultimately lost, that ended up being one hell of a game.

Watching Vin Scully throw out the first pitch... I got a couple of texts from friends and brothers and we all reacted virtually the same. Emotions and shit.

When people tell me sports doesn't matter I feel pity for them. Sports is a lot of things but, it is chiefly a bond. Between friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and children, mothers and children. It keeps humans connected in the same way art does. It heals during rough stretches that life throws at us. If you don't believe that go look at the first NFL games after 9/11. Sports was healing and a middle finger simultaneously.

And last, at least for me, it was flashback to moments that made me.

Blogger is working again. For the moment.

Titty sprinkles!


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