Wednesday, October 25, 2017

B&W Challenge. Day One.

I think it's simple: if you're the President of the goddamn United States you show some grace when dealing with fallen GIs. If a GI dies you thank him for his sacrifice, you console his bereaved widow. If his family voted for the other guy, you up the ante on that grace shit and remind everyone that his sacrifice was precisely for the freedom his family exercised in voting for the other guy and then you thank his family and him again.

And then: you shut the fuck up.

You're welcome for the free lesson, Donald.

And if you're going to be the person defending the way he treated the Johnson family you're going to be thought a fucking fool.

Alright Tony, I will do your seven day, seven B&W photo challenge but, I am not tagging anyone. You may end up regretting tagging me.

B&W Challenge: Day 1. Injury from dropped anchor on my toe has still not completely healed. 

I am a bit of a hypocrite about baseball. I've bashed so many times and stopped watching it about 20 or so years ago after multiple stoppages and steroids. And now, here I am, proudly atop the Dodgers bandwagon.

I make no apologies. I grew up loving the Dodgers and as a proud LA native, it is my birthright to hop on any LA bandwagon when I deem an LA team worthy of my support.

You can bet your ass when the Lakers or Trojans stop sucking I will be right back on that bandwagon. Sam with the Rams and Ch... no, fuck the Chargers and the Spanos family.

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