Monday, September 25, 2017

Smother her with a pillow

I tried reading The Odyssey a few times. Couldn't get through it. Recently I checked it out from the library on audiobook because it is read by Sir Ian McKellen. While I love Mr. McKellen, turns out the book still sucks.

I haven't been writing much because I have been busy writing other things. Also, you would get tired of me explaining why #45 is such a motherfucking dickhead.

Remember boys and girls: the flag guarantees jack shit. Only the Constitution does that. And this particular orange asshat is shitting all over the Constitution while pointing to the black guy kneeling in protest and a lot of dumbasses are falling for it.

*steps down from soap box*

I just googled why it's called a soap box. It really isn't that interesting.

My grandmother is dying again. This time the lord told her it's her time. I wish the lord would get on with it already.

I love my grandmother but, for fuck's sake, she has been dying for forty years. Then Jesus heals her miraculously and she is happy and healthy for a few weeks. Then she stops doing the things that made her feel good and health, ie taking her meds, eating better, etc. and she is back to dying tomorrow.

Finished season one of This Is Us. Most of it was amazing. The dead dad episodes were very Elizabethtown and emotionally draining for me but, so very good. Ending on a half-assed cliff-hanger was weak sauce though. Also, Kevin should have picked AT&T girl and not the AHS hot maid.

At least one of you is going, oh yeah, that's who she is! 

And with that. my work here is done.

Titty sprinkles!

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